Long-term stock of passive components

Our company have more than 80000 passive components in stock with the investment of 80 million US dollars We have MLCC, TANTALUM CHIP CAPACITORS, INDUCTORS, ALUMINUM ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS with the brands of MURATA, TDK, AVX, KEMET, SANYO, NICHICON, RUBYCON, PANASONIC, EPCOS, NIC etc.

Shortage components of 3day Speedy Delivery

With worldly famous EMS as our top partner of delivery, shortage goods will make their arrival at destinations in 3 days. 100% Original


Our company improves inventory optimization and has high return of investment.

BOM&Supply of small quantity

Our company provides goods according to BOM, coordinating customers’ production planning and logistics arrangement.

100% Original Assurance

MY GROUP(ASIA) has its own test laboratory for performance test and appearance test for products. Our company assure of 100% original delivery of goods from stock.

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