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Capacitance (C): The amount of energy that is stored, measured in farads.

Dissipation Factor (DF): The percentage of energy wasted as heat in capacitor.

Equivalent Serious Resistance (ESR): Another measure of energy dissipated as heat in a capacitor and is directly proportional to DF.

Impedance (Z): The measure of the opposition that a circuit presents to a current when a voltage is applied.

Insulation Resistance: The DC resistance of the capacitor and is related to the leakage current, measured in Ohms.

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (Dielectric Strength): The maximum voltage a capacitor can sustain, above its standard operating voltage, with no damage. Devices are generally raised to this voltage for 5 minutes and devices are examined with high power microscopy for damage, such as cracks.

Temperature Characteristics: The changes in parametric performance at different temperatures, and the ability of the device to stay within parametric specific range at maximum and minimum operating temperatures.

Quality factor (Q): A calculated measurement and is fundamental losses of energy in a resonant system.

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